Project 3: Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint project.. great way to reflect on where you spend time on the Internet…

jenny hottle

Who am I on the Internet? Four years ago, I was just an anonymous web surfer. Now, if I Google my name, my accounts from different social networking sites appear, as do newspaper articles I wrote and my volleyball statistics. It’s fascinating but slightly creepy how many results pop up now compared to when I was just entering high school.

One contributing factor to my increase in Google “popularity” (for lack of a better word) is that I’ve grown to be more comfortable with the world wide web. I used to be super concerned with Internet privacy, and so all of my blogs and profiles were private or hidden. I still keep some of my profiles, such as Facebook, private, but others like my Twitter account and photography site are public. I suppose my reasoning behind this is that Facebook is more of a personal, close-knit community whereas Twitter is…

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